Friday, January 27, 2006

knitting fever
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And here you see why I astronomy is right for me. Two nights ago, ignoring all the ends I still need to weave in on the VK jacket, I looked at my Hopeful sweater. Wasn't in the mood for weaving, so I figured I would add a few rows to this. Then I noticed I was close to the neckline decreases and I knit up to there. It wasn't that late yet so I started the left side of the neckline. And these rows are short and they get even shorter as you go. So my brain is just telling me to finish the right side, and I listen to my brain. I ignore my alarm clock who is telling me it is LATE. Oh yeah, finished the left neckline at 4am! Just kept on knitting, bad movies on tv, great.

I saw a comic, it said : Astronomy is the only science where you can waste time productively. This line was accompanied by a guy in a comfy chair, big cup of coffee looking through a big telescope talking on the phone saying he is "just looking at some planets passing by, the usual." But in my case, the tag line is underneath a picture of me knitting. (Remember my pictures for Chile and Palomar.)


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