Monday, September 26, 2005

So far
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I've been busy knitting on the fiery bolero. It's actually looking like the pattern. And even better, it looks like it might fit. Ok, I will probably have to fudge a little, because, dumbie that I am, I started knitting a size too small. And I am too stubborn to start over.
Yesterday, I had to rip back a good 3 inches. I was very very unhappy. It hurt. But I had to, I couldn't fudge my way around it.

What, did somebody say baby blanket? I haven't completely ignored it. Last night I did, and tonight's looking like a similar scenario will happen. At least I can say it currently measures a healthy 8". (Any chance a 24"X8" blanket would be an acceptable size?)


At 9:13 PM , Blogger Elspeth said...

The bolero is looking great! Who has time to walk when you have so much knitting to do!


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