Monday, June 27, 2005

Oooh the work

So here you see my fluffy blue sweater, or at least the sleeves. As you can see, I have only about 22" of sleeve left. How long is it taking me to knit these 22"? A long, long time. This picture was actually taken on Thursday and I regret to say, it still looks the same. One of the reasons my blue fluffy isn't getting any longer, it's there in the picture too. I call it my chocolate mocha cardi. I hope it will turn out as pretty as it sounds tasty. Posted by Hello
I got to go to sunny San Diego this weekend for a rugby tournement. That was fun, didn't win anything but I did get to take home a lovely little sunburn. And, my other prize, a jammed finger. Hooray. It has pretty purple blue green colors. Quiet inspirational for a color chart. I would love to show you a picture but the truth is, I have jammed it so often it is not all that spectacular. It won't become huge and the colors are not super prominent (but they do come out nicely after a warm shower. Still good for a color shart.) So no spectacular pictures, but for that my finger won't interfere much with my knitting.
And I will need it, in case the inspiration hits me to finish my blue fluffy.


At 1:02 PM , Blogger fickleknitter said...

Look at all those pretty knit objects!
Healing thoughts for your jammed finger.

PS the Sand Pendulum finally arrived today!

At 9:06 PM , Blogger JoanM said...

Do you mean Rugby as in football - Ruby Union even? I didn't think it was played much in the USA except for expats. My husband is Rugby mad and we have regular Rugby teas with our friends.
Keep up the good work on your sleeve - I am attempting same and they seem endless. I love your Kitty and your pink baby jumper. I will now attempt to add you to the Knitters Anon net ring. You are welcome to join our blog too if you wish


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