Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Nerd alert in this post!

Before I go all geeky, let me share this with you. I was planning on working on my blue sweater but Ophie thought is would make a nice blanket for her to lay on. Cute scene, so I thought I would take a picture, display some of my other current project (started another wash cloth). And then Ophie decided she wanted to take up knitting herself. She truly is a knitting kitty. But she is not quiet getting the hang of it, she insists on eating the needles and the yarn.
Also, let me introduce you to the huge ball of yarn that I have slept with on occasion (I blame that ball for me being single, but then I hold it, it is so fluffy and I can't stay mad at it for long.)Posted by Hello

Nerd alert coming up! Read only if you can handle the extreme geekness. For those who are familiar with the show quantum leap and HR-diagrams. A friend told me there was one of those (HR-diagram) in the opening sequence of the show. It is funny (to the geeks amung us) because the diagram has nothing to do with anything quantum, much less jumping from person to person making right what once went wrong. (I warned you for the nerd factor.)
But I digress, I watched the opening sequence, no diagram. Now I must spend my free time watching sci fi channel looking for the mysterious show that has this diagram in the opening sequence. Sigh, rough life.


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