Thursday, June 02, 2005


This is a blanket that I promised to make for a friend. He lives in Europe and is coming over again. I say again, because I had planned to finish this the last time he came out. Back then, I had 14 rows to go but each row takes me about 1/2 hour. So by the time he came, I wasn't quiet finished, I still had 12 rows to go. (You can do the math yourself of how many rows I crocheted, I am too embarrassed to admit it myself.)
This time I have until the end of July to put on 11 rows (I did 1 last night) and connect the bottom patch (for which I will have to do a little fudging)
Wish me luck.
I also have this cool idea in my head (we'll see when it's finished) for a lapket with fluffy black yarn. Don't have the patiences for a blanket. But I told myself I can't start it until I finish at least one of my nine already started projects. So there is a double reason to finish my friends blanket. Posted by Hello


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