Saturday, June 04, 2005

Feels like Sunday

Today, I went to the yarn store, the yarn lady had another bag sale. After I told myself I could not start a new project before I finished another one, I started one anyway and I went and bought more yarn. Now I have to go to a bbq, but I don't want to. I want to stay home and cast on for yet another project. (That would be the 10th or 11th project I would be working on)
I feel so bad, but so happy with the new yarn. Not is a social mood at all. So I can't wait 'til it really is Sunday because then I get to sit on my butt, watch scifi channel and knit. I might finish my lapghan (new project, bad me, bad bad me) or my friend's blanket (only 10 rows to go)

As for the kitty, well, she is still in her force field, it got a bit smaller though and she has also gotten my shoe fetish. But I think she wants to BE the shoe...


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Before I forget, did you see the Science Knitting web ring? There's a link on my page. Hope you enjoyed the BBQ!


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