Thursday, June 23, 2005

Sophisticated Ophie

Sophiticated Ophie Posted by Hello
But I will not be talking about Ophie. No, because earlier this week, I got into the Visiting Graduate Student Program at the Spitzer Science Center up in Pasadena. Yep, it is geek central up there, you got Caltech, JPL (affiliated with NASA), they will be my neighbours when I work there. So, needless to say, pretty happy about that. And I want to give a big THANK YOU to Michelle, she helped me a lot. I mean, I know I come off as a litterary master in the blog (ahm ahm) but I cannot write a statement of purpose to save my life. Unless I can write something like : "I buy the yarn, I knit the yarn and I will buy new yarn before I finish project #1."
I do know this will cut into my knitting time but right now, I think I am OK with that. We will see when I actually start working there. So I guess I better get a move on and finish lots of projects while I still can. I am happy to say I have less than 22" to knit on my blue fluffy sweater, it is the last sleeve (yes, the last of 2, but last sounds more dramatic than 2nd and dramatic is tonight's theme). I still have 6-ish rows to crochet on my friend's blanket, he will be coming in Aug. I still have a month you say, well, I also have this chocolate coloured cardi with mocha coloured argyles that I am working on. It is demanding my attention right now. (chocolate and mocha, sounds yummy.)

Well, back to my celebratory bottle of wine. Sorry for any spelling errors, the blogger spellcheck doesn't work.


At 10:14 AM , Blogger fickleknitter said...

You better get working on that blanket! Before your new yarn comes
: )


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